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Simplifier 21.3 Released

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This week we released a new version of Simplifier. Version 21.3. Besides the regular bugfixes, this release has the following new features and improvements:

FHIR R4 beta

We are working very hard to make Simplifier fully understand everything from the FHIR R4 Normative specification, without dropping existing features or support for STU3 and DSTU2.

With this release you can now designate a project as an R4 FHIR project. That means that you can upload R4 resources, and Simplifier is able to display them. These features are beta. That means that you can try it out, but expect things to be rough around the edges. We can not yet generate StructureDefinition snapshots yet.

What works

These features are now implemented for you to use. Keep in mind that they are in beta.

  • Setting projects in R4 mode
  • Uploading R4 resources
  • Rendering R4 resources
  • Snippet creation and rendering in R4
  • Rendering R4 resources in Implementation Guides

What does not work

The following features DO NOT YET WORK and are planned in upcoming releases:

  • Validation
  • Snapshot Generation
  • Saving Guides as an R4 ImplementationGuide resource
  • Reference tab.

Inline validation results

When you validate a resource, we display the OperationOutcome as a list of issues. We recognized the frustration of error messages refering to locations in the resource of this format:


It's too hard to figure out what is wrong with your resource if this is the message.

With this release we now also display a second tab with the resource rendered as XML with inline validation results, with squiglies and a popup message under the node that has the error. This style of error reporting will be recognized by most software developers.

Each project file now has a footer with some technical information: The documentation url, the actual file path and file name, and the last update date.

Instance/Example Generator

For our beta testers, we have implemented our first version of instance (or example) generator. This generator is currently very primitive and is far from perfect. But we do already have two modes: create an empty instance - and create a prefilled instance that uses as much data from the StructureDefinition as is available, like example values and fixed values and random codes from an available CodeSystem. If you are interested in this feature, you can request access to our beta-features programme through the feedback button.


We are always working on the performance of Simplifier. This release we took a hard look at IG export. Some Implementation guides on our platform already contain more than 600 pages. We now have an export console that shows you the progress and the overal speed of the export has increased by more than 30%.


We love to get feedback from you. Let us know what you think by using the feedback button in the header of this site.

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