The eReferral implementation guide has been developed with broad Canadian implementation in mind, while keeping Ontario-specific needs in focus. All Canadian jurisdictions are encouraged to leverage it in their initiatives, as most of the content is not jurisdiction-dependent. The specification provides the business context, use cases and information flows that are specific to the emerging Ontario eReferral ecosystem.


1. This specification articulates the draft provincial eReferral solution based upon an existing implementation completed by some members of the vendor community in Ontario. It is provided for review and discussion purposes and intended to identify gaps and inform the future state of the solution. The material will evolve over time in support of a broader electronic initiative, including but not limited to eConsult, ePrescribe, eVisit, and eBooking.

2. Due to unavailability of the R4 tooling, this specification is written on STU3 tooling and therefore is not fully conformant to FHIR R4. This will be migrated to R4 once the tooling from Firely is available.

3. Profiles and operation section(structure definition, examples, extensions) will also need to be updated/validated and will be available in JSON/XML format, once tools are available

Table of Contents